The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palo


Multiple Intelligence International Co. Ltd. (Thailand), together with the following institutions:

  • Provincial Ministries of Education, Sri Lanka

Central Province (15 to 21 November 2015)

Uva Province (10 to 15 January 2016)

Southern Province (7 to 13 February 2016)

Northwestern Province (21 to 27 February 2016)

Sabaragamuwa Province (13 to 20 March 2016)

Eastern Province (12 to 18 June 2016)

Western Province (19 to 25 June 2016)

North Central Province (26 June to 02 July 2016)

Northern Province (03 to 09 July 2016)

  • Provincial Ministries of Health, Sri Lanka

Western Province (30 October to 06 November 2016)

North Central Province (29 January to 04 February 2017)


Ateneo de Manila University Department of Communication for the design and development of Patok: Comparative and Critical Perspectives on Pinoy Pop Culture official website


Ateneo Center for Asian Studies for communication and public relations (design and development for the official website, institutional brochure, bulletin board, language course promotions, and layout services for the Proceedings of the 8th ACAS International Conference)


Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University for web design and development


StellarHub for e-commerce site design and development


Stratagem Review Center for business planning and initial communication materials (official logo and poster)


65A Salon for brand development and social media management


Live2Dream Travel and Tours for web design and development (work in progress)


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagum for web hosting