Toni Leyble

Toni Leyble

Toni is a co-founder and the Creatives Manager of PRAXIS Associates PH. She has got a wide skill set under her belt—ranging from educational communication to people management.

She received her degree Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, major in educational communication, from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Since college, Toni exuded her excellent leadership skills by influencing her teammates into delivering results for development-oriented causes.

Toni’s vast work experience includes working with different government, nongovernment, and private organizations in the Asia and the Pacific region. She has helped these organizations in planning and implementing communication campaigns for the youth and other stakeholders on climate change, health, and education. Currently, she is working with a multilateral development bank as a communications and media consultant.

Her creatives skill set encompasses project management, offline and virtual events management, as well as design and implementation of materials for various communication platforms.

She also spends time in creating design projects for different events including her own wedding! Toni balances her busy work week with homeschooling her daughter and cycling around the city.